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NOW IS THE TIME – to follow your passion, enrich your mind, explore the possibilities and advance your career in the healthcare industry.

Preparing for the Board Licensing and National Certification exams can be challenging. American Medical Academy offers leading edge test preparation programs to assist students in reviewing for this important step in their careers.

American Medical Academy refresher courses is a two step principle which focuses on “live” interactive classes and "self-study” disciplines that give students the opportunity for in depth discussions of key concepts, self-examination of subject comprehension and the practice
of taking simulated tests.

  • The live interactive classroom style review is intensive, comprehensive and dynamic; Educators openly integrate subject content with national exam style questions, honing in on the student’s knowledge base, critical thinking skills, comprehension abilities and problem solving aptitude. These elements are essential to increasing the student’s proficiency levels and reinforce their passing rate.
  • The self-study portion encourages each student to develop their own learning habits, disciplines, commitment, effective studying and time management skills; these factors construct the requisite mental self-assurance to minimize feelings of anxieties related with the pressure of make-or break exams which can affect the end results. We believe that a student who is actively involved in both the structuring and completion of their test preparations will have an effective perspective of a triumphant outcome.

American Medical Academy also recognizes that there is great diversity in learning styles. Our methodologies of providing test preparation courses in an open and relaxed format further strengthen and raise the student’s skill levels leading to success.

"No one wants to get stuck in a dead end job. Passing your Board examinations will transform your current situation into a potential “first step” to a rewarding career in healthcare."